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Enabling Methodology for the End Functionalisation of Glycosaminoglycan Oligosaccharides
Gemma, E., Meyer, O., Uhrin, D., Hulme, A. N.
Molecular BioSystems 4, 481-495 (2008)

Structure of the N-terminal region of complement factor H and conformational implications of disease-linked sequence variations.
Hocking, H.G., Herbert, A.P., Kavanagh, D., Soares, D.C. Ferreira, V.P., Pangburn, M.K., Uhrin, D., Barlow, P.N.
J. Biol. Chem. 283, 9475-9487 (2008)

A new map of glycosaminoglycan and C3b binding sites on factor H
Schmidt, C.Q., Herbert, A.P., Kavanagh, D., Gandy, C., Blaum, B.S., Fenton, C.J., Lyon, M., Pangburn, M.K., Uhrin, D., Barlow, P.N
J. Immunol. 181, 2610-2619 (2008)

1H-detected IPAP DEPT-INADEQUATE and IPAP RINEPT-INADEQUATE for the measurement of long-range carbon-carbon coupling constants.
in, L., Kover, K.E., Lenoir, M., Uhrin, D.
J.Magn. Reson. 190, 171-182 (2008)

Preparation of Isotopically-Labelled Recombinant beta-Defensin for NMR Studies.
Seo, E.S., Vargues, T., Clarke, D.J. Uhrin, D. and Campopiano, D.J
Protein Expression and Purification in press.

Analysis andseparation of residues important for the chemoattractant and antimicrobial activities of beta-defensin
Taylor, K., Clarke, D.J., McCullough, B., Chin, W., Seo, E., Yang, D., Oppenheim, J., Uhrin, D., Govan, J.R.W., Campopiano, D.J., MacMillan, D., Barran, P.E. and Dorin, J.R
J. Biol. Chem. 283, 6631-6639 (2008)

Translational mini-review series on complement factor H: Structural and functional correlations for factor H. Genetics and disease associations of human complement factor H.
Schmidt, C. Q. , Herbert, A. P., Hocking, H., Uhrin, D., and Barlow, P. N
Clin. Exp. Immunol. 151, 14-24 (2008)


Structural basis for Complement Factor H linked age-related macular degeneration.
Prosser, B.E., Johnson, S., Roversi, P., Herbert, A.P., Blaum, B.S., Tyrrell, J., Jowitt, T.A., Clark, S.S., Tarelli, E. Uhrin, D., Barlow, P.N., Sim, R.B., Day, A.J., Lea, S.M.
J. Exp. Chem. 204, 2277–2283 (2007)

Measurement of 1H-1H residual dipolar coupling constants of medium size molecules.
Jin, L., Pham, T. N., Uhrin, D.
ChemPhysChem 8, 1228–1235 (2007)

13C-detected IPAP-INADEQUATE for simultaneous measurement of one-bond and long-range scalar or residual dipolar coupling constants.
Jin, L., Uhrin, D.
Magn. Reson. Chem. 45, 628–633 (2007)

Measurement of 1H-1H residual dipolar coupling constants of medium size molecules.
Jin, L., Pham, T. N., Uhrin, D.
ChemPhysChem 8, 1228–1235 (2007)

Structure shows that a glycosaminoglycan and protein recognition site in factor H is perturbed by age-related macular degeneration-linked single nucleotide polymorphism
Herbert, A.P., Deakin, J. A., Schmidt, C., Blaum, B., Egan, C., Pangburn, M. K., Lyon, M., Uhrin, D., Barlow, P. N.
J. Biol. Chem. 282, 18960–18968 (2007)

ZZ domain of dystrophin and utrophin: topology and mapping of a beta-dystroglycan interaction site.
Hnia, K., Zouiten, D., Cantel, S., Chazalette, D., Hugon, G., Fehrentz, J.A., Masmoudi, A., Diment, A., Bramham, J., Mornet, D., Winder, S.J.
Biochem. J. 401, 667–677 (2007)

DMT-MM Mediated Functionalisation of the Non-Reducing End of Glycosaminoglycans
Gemma, E., Hulme, A. N., Jahnke, A., Jin, L., Muller, R. M., Uhrin, D.
Chem. Commun. 2686–2688 (2007)


Critical role of the C-terminal domains of factor H in regulating complement activation at cell surfaces
Ferreira V.P., Herbert A.P., Hocking H.G., Barlow P.N., Pangburn M.K.
J. Immun. 177, 6308-6316 (2006)

Disease-associated sequence variations congregate in a polyanion recognition patch on human factor H revealed in three-dimensional structure
Herbert, A.P., Uhrín, D, Lyon, L. Pangburn, M.K. Barlow, P.N.
J. Biol. Chem. 281, 16512-16520 (2006)

Structural diversity in p160/CREB binding protein coactivator complexes.
Waters, L., Yue, B., Ververka, V., Renshaw, P., Bramham, J., Matsuda, S., Frenkiel, T., Kelly, G., Muskett, F., Carr, M. and Heery, D.M.
J. Biol. Chem. 281, 14787-95 (2006).

Disease-associated sequence variations in factor H: a structural biology approach.
Herbert AP, Soares DC, Pangburn MK, Barlow PN
Adv Exp Med Biol 586, 313-327 (2006).

Measurement of 1JCaHa Residual Dipolar Coupling Constants in Proteins by Selective Manipulation of CaHa spins,
Ball G., Meenan, N., Bromek, K., Smith, B.O., Bella J., and Uhrín, D,
J. Magn. Reson. 179, 402-411 (2006).

Human C4b-binding protein - structural basis for interaction with Streptococcal M protein, a major bacterial virulence factor
Huw T. Jenkins, Linda Mark, Graeme Ball, Jenny Persson, Gunnar Lindahl, Dusan Uhrin, Anna M. Blom, and Paul N. Barlow
J. Biol. Chem. 281, 3690 - 3697 (2006).


Opportunities for new therapies based on the natural regulators of complement activation.
Brook E, Herbert AP, Jenkins HT, Soares DC, Barlow PN
Nat. Prod. Mol. Ther. Ann. N. York Acad. Sci. 1056, 176-188 (2005).

Polychromatic selective population inversion for TROSY experiments with large proteins.
Bromek K, Lee D, Hauhart R, Krych-Goldberg M, Atkinson JP, Barlow PN, Pervushin K
J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2005) 127 405-11. ABSTRACT

Complement Control Protein Modules in the Regulators of Complement Activation. In Structural Biology of the Complement System,
Soares, D. C., and Barlow, P. N.
D. Morikis, and J. D. Lambris, eds. (Boca Raton, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group), pp. 19-62 (2005). ABSTRACT

Gifford, M. L., Robertson, F. C., Soares, D. C., and Ingram, G. C.
ARABIDOPSIS CRINKLY4 function, internalization, and turnover are dependent on the extracellular crinkly repeat domain.
Plant Cell 17, 1154-1166 (2005). ABSTRACT

Pham, T.N, Kövér, KE, Jin, L and Uhrín, D.
1H-Detected Double-J-Modulated INEPT-INADEQUATE for simultaneous determination of one-bond and long-range carbon-carbon connectivities and the measurement of all carbon-carbon coupling constants
J. Magn. Reson., 176, 199-206 (2005).

Functional insights from the structure of the multifunctional C345C domain of C5 of complement.
Bramham J, Thai, C-T., Soares DC, Uhrin D, Ogata RT, and Barlow PN
J. Biol. Chem. (2005) 280, 10636-10645 (2005) ABSTRACT

Large-scale modelling as a route to multiple surface comparisons of the CCP module family.
Soares, D. C., Gerloff, D. L., Syme, N. R., Coulson, A. F., Parkinson, J., and Barlow, P. N.
Protein Eng Des Sel 18, 379-388 (2005) ABSTRACT

Opportunities for new therapies based on the natural regulators of complement activation.
Brook, E., Herbert, A. P., Jenkins, H. T., Soares, D. C., and Barlow, P. N.
Ann N Y Acad Sci 1056, 176-188 (2005). ABSTRACT

Conformation of Glycosaminoglycans by Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry and Molecular Modelling.
Jin, L., Barran, P.E., Deakin, J, A., Lyon, M., Uhrín, D
Chem Phys.Pys.Chem., 2005, 7(19), 3464-3471

NMR spectra and dynamics of the sodium salt of per(6-thiobenzoic acid)-gamma-cyclodextrin
Cameron, K.S., Fielding, L., Palin, V., and Uhrín, D.
Magn. Reson. Chem, 43, 647-653 (2005).

Protein recognition of macrocycles: Binding of anti-HIV metallocyclams to lysozyme
Hunter TM, McNae IW, Liang XY, Bella J, Parsons S, Walkinshaw MD, Sadler PJ
Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 102, 2288-2292 (2005).

Competitive reactions of a ruthenium arene anticancer complex with histidine, cytochrome c and an oligonucleotide
Wang FY, Bella J, Parkinson JA, Sadler PJ
J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 10, 147-155 (2005)

Competition between glutathione and guanine for a ruthenium(II) arene anticancer complex: Detection of a sulfenato intermediate
Wang FY, Xu JJ, Habtemariam A, Bella J, Sadler PJ
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 127, 17734-17743 (2005)


Determination of sugar structures in solution from residual dipolar coupling constants: methodology and application to methyl ß-D-xylopyranoside
Pham, T.N., Hinchley, S.L., Rankin, D.W.H., Liptaj, T. and Uhrín, D.
J. Am. Chem. Soc 126, 13100-13110 (2004).

In Phase Selective Excitation of Overlapping Multiplets By Gradient Enhanced Chemical Shift Selective Filters.
Robinson, P.T., Pham, T.N., and Uhrín, D,
J. Magn. Reson., 170, 97-103 (2004).

An atomic-resolution model for assembly, architecture and function of the Dr adhesins.
Anderson K, Billington J, Pettigrew D, Cota E,, Roversi P, Simpson P, Chen HA, Urvil P, du Merle L, Barlow PN, Medof ME, Smith RAG, Nowicki B, Le Bouguéne C, Lea S, Matthews S
Mol Cell (2004) 15 647-57. ABSTRACT

Structural analysis of the CCP modules of the GABAB receptor 1a: only one of the two CCP modules is compactly folded.
Blein S, Ginham R, Uhrín D, Smith BO, Soares DC, Stefvan Veltel S, McIllhinney RAJ, White JH & Barlow PN
J. Biol. Chem. 279, 48292-48306 (2004). ABSTRACT

H-1, N-15 and C-13 resonance assignments of the C345C domain of the complement component C5.
Bramham J, Rance M, Thau CT, Uhrín, D, Assa-Munt N, Ogata RT, Barlow PN,
J.Biomol. NMR, 29(2),217-218 (2004). ABSTRACT

1H, 15N and 13C resonance assignments of complement control protein module pair 2-3 from the C4b-binding site of complement receptor type 1.
Black GM, Wenzler M,, Wang X, Krych-Goldberg, M, Atkinson JP & Barlow PN
J Biomol NMR (2004) 30 227-8.


Synthesis, structural and biological studies of ubiquitin mutants containing (2S, 4S)-5-fluoroleucine residues strategically placed in the hydrophobic core.
Alexeev D., Barlow P.N., Bury S., Charrier J.-D., Cooper A., Jamieson C., Kelly S., Mayer R.J., McSparron H., Price N.C., Ramage R., Sawyer L., Uhrin D., Wilken J., and Young, D.
Chem. Biochem. 4: 894-896 (2003).

Induced-fit recognition of DNA by organometallic complexes with dynamic stereogenic centers
Chen HM, Parkinson JA, Novakova O, Bella J, Wang FY, Dawson A, Gould R, Parsons S, Brabec V, Sadler PJ
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 100, 14623-14628 (2003)


3D HSQC-HSQMBC-increasing the resolution of long-range proton-carbon correlation experiments.
Uhrín, D.
J. Magn. Reson., 145, 145-150 (2002).

Carbohydrate-antibody interactions by NMR for a 13C-labelled disaccharide ligand
Uhrín, D., Prasad, A.V.K., Brisson, J.-R., Bundle, D.R.
Can. J. Chem. 80, 904-907 (2002).

The core oligosaccharide component from Mannheimia (Pasteurella) haemolytica serotype Al lipopolysaccharide contains L-glycero-D-manno- and D-glycero-D-manno-heptoses: Analysis of the structure and conformation by high-resolution NMR spectroscopy
Brisson,J-R., Crawford, E., Uhrín, D., Khieu, N.H., Perry, M.B., Severn, W.B., and Richards, J.C.
Can. J. Chem. 80, 949-963 (2002).

J-modulated 1D directed COSY for precise measurement of proton-proton residual dipolar coupling constants of oligosaccharides.
Pham, T.N., Liptaj, T., Barlow, P.N. and Uhrin, D.
Magn. Reson. Chem., 40, 729-732 (2002). ABSTRACT

Measurement of small one-bond proton-carbon residual dipolar coupling constants in partially oriented 13C natural abundance oligosaccharide samples. Analysis of heteronuclear 1JCH -modulated spectra with the BIRD inversion pulse.
Pham, T.N., Liptaj, T., Bromek,K. and Uhrin, D.
J. Magn. Reson. 157, 200-209 (2002). ABSTRACT

NMR of Carbohydrates: 1D Homonuclear Selective Methods. NMR of Glycoconjugates.
Brisson J.-R, Sue S.C, Wu W.G., McManus G., Pham T.N., Uhrin, D.
Jeszs / Peters, Thomas (Eds.) Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2002.

Three-dimensional structure and flexibility of proteins of the RCA family - a progress report.
Herbert A, O'leary J, Krych-Goldberg M, Atkinson JP, Barlow PN.
Biochem Soc Trans 2002 Dec;30(6):990-6 ABSTRACT

Vaccinia virus complement control protein is monomeric and retains structural and functional integrity after exposure to adverse conditions.
Smith SA, Krishnasamy, G, Murthy, KHM, Cooper, A, Bromek, K, Barlow, PN & Kotwal, G.
BBA-Proteins and Proteomics (2002) 1598 55-64. ABSTRACT

Structure of the C3b-binding site of CR1 (CD35), the immune adherence receptor.
Smith BO, Mallin RL, Krych-Goldberg M, Wang X, Hauhart RE, Bromek K, Uhrin D, Atkinson JP & Barlow PN.
Cell (2002) 108 769-780. ABSTRACT

Solution structure of the calponin CH domain and fitting to the helical reconstruction of F-actin:calponin.
Bramham J, Hodgkinson JL, Smith BO, Uhrin D, Barlow PN & Winder S.
Structure (2002) 10 249-258. ABSTRACT


Structure and flexibility of the multidomain proteins that serve as regulors of complement activation.
Kirkitadze, M and Barlow, P.N.
Immunol. Rev. (2001) 180 146-161 ABSTRACT

1H, 13C and 15N assignment of the archetypal calponin homology domain.
Bramham, J., Uhrin, D., Barlow, P.N. and Winder, S.
J. Biomol. NMR (2001) 19(2), 189-190. ABSTRACT

Crystal structure of a complement control protein that regulates both pathways of complement activation and binds heparin sulfate proteoglycans.
Murthy, K., Scott, S.A., Ganesh, V.K., Judge, K.W., Mullin, N., Barlow, P.N. Ogata, C.M. and Kotwal, G.
Cell (2001) vol 104 pp 301-311. ABSTRACT

Solution structure and dynamics of the central CCP module pair of a poxvirus complement control protein.
Henderson, C., Bromek, K., Smith, B.O., Uhrin, D. and Barlow, P.N.
J. Mol. Biol. (2001) 307(1), 323-339 ABSTRACT

DNA recognition by the methyl-CpG binding domain of MeCP2.
Free, A., Wakefield,R.I., Smith, B.O., Dryden, D.T.F., Barlow, P.N. and Bird, A.P.
J. Biol. Chem. (2001)vol 276 pp 3353-3360 ABSTRACT

Identification of the configuration of neosartorin by long-range nuclear Overhauser effect measurements.
Liptaj, T., Pham, T.N., Proksa, B., and Uhrin, D.
Chirality (2001) 13, 545-547. ABSTRACT


Simultaneous CT-13C and VT-15N chemical shift labelling. Application to 3D NOESY-CH3NH and 3D 13C,15N HSQC-NOESY-CH3NH
Uhrin, D., Bramham, J., Winder, S.J. and Barlow, P.N.
J. Biomol. NMR, 18, 253-259 (2000) ABSTRACT

Dissecting sites important for complement regulatory activity in membrane cofactor protein (MCP;CD46).
Liszewski, M.K., Leung, M., Cui, W., Bala Subramanian, V., Parkinson, J., Barlow, P.N., Manchester, M. and Atkinson, J.P.
J. Biol. Chem. (2000) 275 37692-37701 ABSTRACT

Conserved surface-exposed K/R-X-K/R motifs and net positive charge on poxvirus complement control proteins serve as putative heparin binding sites and contribute to inhibition of molecular interactions with human endothelial cells.
Smith, S., Mullin, N., Parkinson, J., Shchelkunov, S., Totmenin, A., Loparev, V., Srisatjaluk, R., Reynolds, D., Keeling, K., Justus, D., Barlow, P.N. and Kotwal, G.
J. Virology (2000) 74 5659-5666. ABSTRACT
The metabotropic GABA receptor: molecular insights and their functional consequences.
Blein, S., Barlow, P.N. and Hawrot, E.
Cell Mol. Life Sci.(2000) 57 635-650. ABSTRACT

Location of Cyanine-3 on double-stranded DNA: Importance for Fluorescence resonance energy transfer studies.
Norman, D.G., Grainger, R.J., Uhrin, D. and Lilley, D.M.J.
Biochemistry, 39, 6317-6324 (2000). ABSTRACT

Structure Determination of Microbial Polysaccharides by High Resolution NMR Spectroscopy.
Uhrin, D. and Brisson, J.-R.
NMR in Microbiology: Theory and Application. Eds. Barbotin, J.-N. and Portais, J.-C., Horizon Scientific Press, pp. 165-190 (2000).

Current Methods in the Structural Elucidation of Polysaccharides.
Kogan,G., Uhrin, D.
Recent Advances in Analytical Techniques, Ed. Atta-Ur-Rahman, Gordon and Breach Science Publisher, Amsterdam, pp. 73-134 (2000)

The structure of mouse HP1 suggests a unique mode of single peptide recognition by the shadow chromo domain dimer.
Brasher SV, Smith BO, Fogh RH, Nietlispach D, Thiru A, Nielsen PR, Broadhurst RW, Ball LJ, Murzina NV, Laue ED.
EMBO J 2000 Apr 3;19(7):1587-97 ABSTRACT.


Central modules of the Vaccinia virus complement control protein are not in extensive contact.
Kirkitadze, M.D, Henderson, C., Price, N.C., Kelly, S.M., Mullin, N.P., Parkinson, J., Dryden, D.T.F.and Barlow, P.N.
Biochem J. (1999) 343 167-175. ABSTRACT.

The solution structure of the domain from MeCP2 that binds to methylated DNA.
Wakefield, R.I.D., Smith, B.O., Nan, X., Free, A., Soteriou, A., Uhrin, D., Bird, A.P. and Barlow,P.N.
J. Mol. Biol. (1999) 291, 1055-1065. ABSTRACT

Co-operativity between modules within a C3b-binding site of complement receptortype 1.
Kirkitadze, M.D., Dryden, D.T.F., Kelly, S.M., Price, N.C., Wang, X., Krych, M., Atkinson, J.P. and Barlow, P.N.
FEBS Letts. (1999) 459 133-138. ABSTRACT

Independently melting modules and highly structured intermodular junctions within complement receptor type 1.
Kirkitadze, M., Krych, M., Uhrin, D., Dryden, D., Cooper, A., Wang, X., Hauhart, R., Atkinson, J.P. and Barlow, P.N.
Biochemistry (1999) 38 7019-7031. ABSTRACT

Total chemical synthesis and high resolution crystal structure of the potent anti-HIV Protein AOP-RANTES.
Wilken J., Hoover, D., Thompson, D.A., Barlow, P.N., McSparon, H., Picard, L., Wlodawer, A., Lubkowski, J. and Kent, S.B.H.
Chemistry and Biology (1999) 6 43-51. ABSTRACT

Combining ultracentrifugation with fluorescence to follow the unfolding of modules 16-17 of complement receptor type 1.
Kirkitadze, M., Jumel, K., Harding, S., Dryden, D., Krych, M., Atkinson, J.P. and Barlow, P.N.
Prog. Polymer Colloid Sci. (1999) 113, 164-167. ABSTRACT

Nuclear magnetic resonance and molecular dynamics studies on the interactions of the Ras-binding domain of Raf-1 with wild-type and mutant Ras proteins.
Terada T, Ito Y, Shirouzu M, Tateno M, Hashimoto K, Kigawa T, Ebisuzaki T, Takio K, Shibata T, Yokoyama S, Smith BO, Laue ED, Cooper JA.
J Mol Biol. 1999 Feb 12;286(1):219-32. ABSTRACT

19F-1H Correlation at no Extra Cost.
Uhrin, D., Beatty, E.J., Sandor, P., McSparron, H., Wilken, J., Starkmann, B., Young, D.W., Barlow, P.N. and Ramage, R.
Magnetic Moments 10, 9-15 (1999).